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Imelda's Pez Shoe Company
"A Little Company for Little Shoes"
Sherrill Hondorf ~ The Shoe Baroness

My shoes are not square. They are the traditional round-toe shoes. As you can see in the photos, they are high-quality shoes designed to enhance the appearance of your PEZ dispenser while also adding stability. We offer our rounded-toe shoes in 8 colors.





They are packed in single-color bags of 10 which includes 5 smalls and 5 mediums for $6.50. You can also buy a sample bag containing 18 shoes, which contains one small and one medium of each shoe color for only $10.00.

Shipping is extra for all orders. Shipping is generally between $1.00 and $5.00, depending on the amount of shoes you order. Shipping for one or two bags is $1.00. For three or more bags, it's $5.00 for USPS priority mail including delivery confirmation.

Payment may be made by MONEY ORDER only. NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.

To order contact Sherrill Hondorf, The Shoe Baroness, at




The Well-Shod PEZ

Here is the story on the PEZ shoe sizes. Not all PEZ stems are the same size. It's like going to the shoe store; you need to fit the shoes on your individual PEZ. There is a minute difference between the length and width of the Small and Medium Pez shoe sold by Imelda's Shoe Factory. An older N/F PEZ will probably require a smaller shoe than a newer N/F PEZ. But, as with all things Pez, everything is relative and there is no hard and fast rule. The best prediction I can make on the best fit for PEZ shoes is some shoes will fit some stems and some shoes will fit others . My collection has lots of both sizes, including some shoes that have been trimmed out to be just a tiny bit bigger. There once was a shoe that you will hear referred to as a "large" Pez shoe. That shoe came from the first run through our mold, but cannot be reproduced because modifications were made to the mold after these shoes were made.

Imelda's shoes are sold in equal amounts of S and M, because in your quest for the well-shod PEZ, you will eventually need both sizes.

The shoes that you see in the picture books that have a little indent are called the "Make-A-Face" shoes, and pre-date the Imelda's shoes. Imelda's cannot make that type of shoe. We also do not make shoes for the newer non-footed PEZ that have the raised spine, e.g. the Hearts and Psychedelic remakes. Imelda's shoes, however, can easily be modified to make shoes for these new PEZ because the plastic is soft enough to allow the back to be cut out of the shoe. I use a Dremel to make mine, but you can find handy directions for this operation courtesy of Eric Thorell, the 2001 Pez Head of the Year, at http://www.pezlist.com/luvpez/download.html


We thank you for your business!